Yarncity® is supporting Technical Assistance

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Yarncity® is supporting Technical Assistance of Regional  Industrial Collaboration in Turkish Cotton Fibre Manufacturing for Ginners / Farmers. The project organised between European Union / Turkish Republic. 

The aim of the project is to increase the competition power of cotton gin producers by increasing the quality standards in Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa and to provide yarn producers and textile sector with high added value depending on the production quality.

In addition to paying great attention to world resources by minimizing environmental inputs, sustainable agricultural producers – Cotton Industries will contribute to maintaining businesses’ economic viability and enhancing the quality of community life as a whole.


Cotton ginning of cotton in diyarbakır and şanlıurfa with the project quality standards and increasing the competitiveness of manufacturers by raising the quality of production, depending on the yarn manufacturers, and it aims to provide the textile industry with high added value.

2013 according to turkstat data, Turkey is the world’s 450.890 hectares of cotton production in the October field, 2.250.000 tons happy tons of cotton fiber production 877.500 China, India, USA, Pakistan, Brazil, Australia and Uzbekistan followed by 8. the order comes in. Yield in Australia and Israel followed by 3. in turn, consumption in China, India, and Pakistan, followed by 4. place Turkey, which is among the leading actors in the world in cotton production. Sanliurfa and Diyarbakir in Turkey’s cotton production occupies a unique position in terms of the size of production.


The separation of the fibers from the seeds in the cotton ginning process and ensuring sustainability by creating a standard quality is of great importance in terms of SMEs and the textile sector. The fact that quality standards are not at the required level in Sanliurfa and Diyarbakır cotton reduces the competitiveness of the sectors connected to the cotton.

The “Regional Industrial Cooperation Project in Cotton Fiber Production”, presented to the Competitive Sectors Program by the GAP International Agricultural Research and Training Center (GAPUTEM), affiliated to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock to provide a radical solution to this problem, aims to quantify and classify the quality of cotton fiber, To improve the standards, to cooperate between the enterprises and to increase the competitiveness by increasing the quality to a sustainable and scalable level. Among the stakeholders of the project are the Diyarbakir Commodity Exchange, the Sanliurfa Commodity Exchange and the Ministry of Economy – General Directorate of Product Safety and Supervision.


Cotton sampling equipment will be provided to 50 gin producers in order to determine the quality of the cotton produced in the Southeastern Anatolia region under suitable conditions and a laboratory will be established in the GAP International Agricultural Research and Training Center (GAPUTEM) to carry out the analysis of the samples. The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness of cotton ginning enterprises and the yarn producers in this sector and the international competitiveness of the textile sector, as well as the quality standards of ginned and baled cotton in Şanlıurfa and Diyarbakır.

The project will establish test laboratories and warehouses for educational purposes for ginning enterprises operating in Diyarbakir and Şanlıurfa provinces, laboratory equipment for fiber quality specifications, barcode system for the creation of samples, and necessary transportation vehicles such as forklifts, minibuses and trucks.


It will also be expanded in the GAP COTTON PORTAL, where laboratory management, sample and bale tracking, inter-firm interaction, marketing and many useful applications will be created. Thus, the market and trade volume of SMEs will be increased and the gin infrastructure and standardization will be improved by the common laboratories to be established.


The Competitive Sectors Program is a program run by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology under the framework of the Republic of Turkey and the European Union financial co-operation agreement, with a budget of approximately 900m euros through projects. The Program, which has been carried out since 2007, aims to increase social and economic development by increasing the competitive power of SMEs in order to balance regional differences in Turkey.

During the first period of the program covering the years 2007-2013, approximately 500 million euros were invested in Hatay to Sinop, and Mardin to Yozgat to 43 years. With the Competitive Sectors Program, financial resources are being sourced for the projects that enable the establishment of common use workshops and production facilities to meet the infrastructure and technology needs of SMEs, to increase the added value of production with innovative technologies, and to improve access to finance and tourism infrastructure.

This significant investment program will enable SMEs and businesses to develop themselves in areas such as technical infrastructure, AR-GE, foreign trade, marketing and business management, logistics and warehousing, and expand their business and competitiveness to new markets. With increased business and competitive power and new job opportunities created, it is aimed to increase economic and social prosperity in the target regions of the Program. On the other hand, within the framework of the new period of EU-Turkey financial cooperation, the Competitiveness Sectors Program, which will expand to the whole of Turkey as target region in the coming days, also plans to spread the development movements to a wider geography by covering the fields such as innovation and AR-GE.

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Hello to All, As all we know that first half of the 2017 was a difficult turning for Textile and Yarn Industry.

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Yarncity® is supporting Technical Assistance

Yarncity® is supporting Technical Assistance of Regional Industrial Collaboration in Turkish Cotton Fibre Manufacturing.

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